Delights the palate 

Made using the best organic tangerines grown in southern Italy, Galvanina Tangerine stands out thanks to its delicate flavor and sweetness. 

The addition of aromas obtained from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits, enhanced by the effervescence, give this soft drink real character. Along with its delicate taste, this unique characteristic ideally narrates the very soul of southern Italy. 

Galvanina Tangerines perfectly interprets its role as a refreshing soft drink, also establishing itself as an aperitif and with an intriguing part to play as an ingredient in mixology. 

Visual impact: clear and playful. 

Olfactory impact: delicate, with lasting sweetness. 

Mixability: ideal for mixing with clear and brown spirits, aperitifs and liqueurs. Perfect mixer for traditional aperitifs and long drinks.