Dolce vita-style

With the natural aroma of Calabrian chinotto sour oranges, enriched with aromatic herb extracts, Galvanina Chinotto stands out thanks to its rounded flavor and bouquet of very intense fragrances. 

With an unmistakable character, given by the intense fragrance of citrus fruits and spices, Galvanina Chinotto is thirst-quenching on its own. It is also particularly popular as an aperitif and is especially intriguing as an ingredient for preparing cocktails and mocktails. 

Visual impact: clear, with caramelized tones.  

Olfactory impact: smooth and balanced, the bitter aftertaste persists on the palate, with a sweet final note. 

Mixability: ideal for mixing with brown spirts, aperitifs, digestives and liqueurs. Perfect mixer for traditional aperitifs and long drinks.