A refreshing delight

Galvanina Pomegranate has a refreshing, sweet yet tart flavor thanks to the use of the best organic fruits that grow in the Mediterranean Basin, caressed by the sun and sea breezes. 

Galvanina Pomegranate is also enriched with the sweet notes of black carrot juice that further defines its character. 

This character is also expressed in the soft drink’s clear and unmistakable red color. As well as being a naturally refreshing drink, these characteristics make it a key player in the world of aperitifs too and a popular ingredient in mixology, for preparing both alcoholic or alcohol-free drinks.  

Visual impact: clear red and classy.

Olfactory impact: the initial freshness opens up to a sweetly tart flavor. 

Mixability: ideal for mixing with clear spirits, particularly vodka and gin. Perfect mixer for traditional aperitifs and long drinks.