Organic soft drinks

Delicious, full of flavor and organic. Galvanina soft drinks are created using the best ingredients, the juice and pulp of citrus and other fruits. 

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Organic mixology line

Created with the aim of responding to the needs of bartenders playing a key role in interpreting modern mixology, Galvanina has given life to a unique range of mixers that stands out thanks to its freshness and versatility. 

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Organic tasty iced teas

The flavors of the Orient and the Mediterranean blend in a line of refreshing teas, based on specially-created recipes, prepared with great attention to detail.

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Mineral waters

Pure and refreshing and with the perfect balance of minerals; we’re talking about Galvanina waters!

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Flavored mineral waters

The pure and unique taste of Galvanina mineral water is delicately flavored with a refreshing hint of citrus, fruit or vegetables or even a combination of all three.

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Discover how to combine quality, taste and Italian style, without compromise.

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