Organic tasty iced teas

The flavors of the Orient and the Mediterranean blend in a line of refreshing teas, based on specially-created recipes, prepared with great attention to detail.

Extracts and infusions of the best tea leaves from the wonderful lands of Asia, blend with citrus fruits and other fruits from the warm, sun-kissed lands of Sicily and the Mediterranean. The union of these ingredients, combined with organic fruit juices and natural organic flavors, gives life to a range of organic iced teas that taste intense and sophisticated.

The Galvanina organic iced tea range offers five unforgettable experiences; from the traditional flavors of lemon and peach tea, unique thanks to the use of premium ingredients, to refreshing green tea, intense black tea and delicate white tea.

Thanks to the quality of the seasonal ingredients and the attention to detail in their preparation, Galvanina iced teas are deliciously refreshing on hot summer days. At the same time, they are also surprising ingredients when used as mixers for preparing elegant and sophisticated cocktails and mocktails.

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