Galvanina celebrates the arrival of the upcoming summer season by launching a new range of mixers for modern bartenders.

The result of research into premium quality, which has always guided all our choices, the new line of Galvanina mixers comprises eight different products, including five that are brand-new on a global level: alongside classic tonic water, bitter lemon and exotic ginger beer, there are four innovative tonics with natural summer flavors – yellow grapefruit, green mandarin, Italian and Mediterranean.

Completing the range is our ginger cola, which contains just the right dose of this great Asian root. 

Summer is the ideal season for trying cocktails that are fresh, intriguing and delicious and with Galvanina mixers there’s an added bonus: the organic soul of this range makes it truly unique.

The exclusively natural aromas, from citrus fruits and aromatic herbs, have been carefully selected and skillfully blended, giving them a unique creative flair.

For example, using bergamot and green mandarin blended with aromatic herbs to create organoleptic profiles that express elegant personalities, which are sometimes quite strong, yet always perfectly balanced.