Galvanina wins big at The Business Spirits Tonic and Mixer Masters 2021!

We knew we had created a line of quality tonic waters and mixers and expected some confirmations. However, what happened at The Business Spirits Tonic and Mixer Masters went way beyond our expectations. We won six gold medals… now, that doesn’t happen every day!

The six gold medallists

Classic Tonic Water, Yellow Grapefruit Tonic Water, Mediterranean Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Beer and Cola Ginger: these were the stand-out stars of our achievements in the land of Her Majesty!

The judges were surprised by our Organic Bitter Lemon. Created using Sicilian lemons, it has an intense fragrance and a delicious flavour, exalted further by long-lasting effervescence. Ideal with gin, especially London Dry and gin with strong botanicals, it is also excellent with vodka. Here’s what they said in London: Galvanina Bitter Lemon «was a solid product» described as «crisp and fresh» with lashings of «citrus and lemon peel” throughout. «Galvanina Bitter Lemon was expressive, big, beautiful, classic bitter lemon. Bloody good – whack in some gin, lovely, or a little limoncello could also be quite fun»

In the ginger beer category, our Organic Ginger Beer  was a gold medal winner. It has always stood out thanks to its marked personality and long-lasting effect, making it popular with both bartenders and those who love spicy notes in a smooth drink. Excellent for mixing with either “white” and “brown” spirits, it is also great for adding an unexpected twist to classic and tropical recipes. But, let’s see what the judges said: «sweet start, crisp balance and a little kick of heat on the finish»

Organic Ginger Cola, that’s new!

The only one to win an award in its category was our Organic Ginger Cola, something completely new on the cola scene. In this cola, ginger plays a key role. The recipe perfectly balances the natural aromas of citrus fruits and spices, making it excellent for mixing with “brown” spirits and ideal for adding a twist to classic and tropical recipes. Our cola seemed to impress the judges… In the Cola flight, Gold medallist La Galvanina Organic Ginger Cola impressed the judges with its “classic, cola sweetness”, complemented by a “subtle ginger flavour”.

Organic tonic waters, fresh and versatile.

Galvanina placed all its bets on tonic waters. In fact, we created five extremely versatile tonic waters, four of which flavoured using new flavours, inspired by the fresh fragrances typical of the Mediterranean. The natural flavours, taken from herbs and citrus fruits, give a touch of innovation to flavour profiles. They were all created and designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding bartenders, interpreters of modern mixology.

However, the world of mixology is one we have approached with great respect, aware of only being able to do so if we bring something truly unique. Based on our extensive know-how of ingredients, our long-standing experience in the organic soft drinks sector and our continuing focus on authenticity, we worked hard to create our mixer line and the linchpin had to be tonic water. Of the five in the range, three were entered in the competition: Classic Tonic and the flavoured Yellow Grapefruit Tonic and Mediterranean Tonic.

Let’s take a look at them. Our Classic Tonic Water has a perfect balance of bitter notes and acidity. Created using the bitter principles extracted from cinchona bark, with the addition of citrus essences, it is ideal for all types of gin and perfect for G&T. A gold medal winner!

Sophisticated flavoured tonic waters.

We had two entries in the flavoured tonic water category: Mediterranean Tonic and Yellow Grapefruit Tonic. Mediterranean Tonic has an excellent aromatic profile; the fragrances are perfectly balanced and unleash an appealing balsamic component. It is delicious with vodka and citrusy and floral gins. Fresh and natural Yellow Grapefruit Tonic is well-balanced and has perfect aromatic notes and a strong flavour, with a hint of the elegant bitter notes of grapefruit. It is ideal for mixing with gin and perfect for tequila cocktails. As mentioned at the Tonic and Mixer MastersThe judges were hugely impressed by the quality. Galvanina organic Tonic Water. The Yellow Grapefruit flavour was liked due to the «Zesty elements» that «carried the bitterness of the grapefruit nicely». Meanwhile the Mediterranean expression was «refreshing» with «aromatic flavours» – a «solid Mediterranean tonic water». Completing the line-up were Green Mandarin Tonic and Italian Tonic.

In our Organic Green Mandarin Tonic, the aromatic impact of this citrus fruit emerges in all its personality, but is balanced and fresh. Delicious with London Dry gin or gin with strong botanicals, it is also excellent with vodka. Last but not least, our Organic Italian Tonic has delicate and discreet flavours, with a hint of bergamot in the citrus part and basil in the aromatic part. An elegant and interesting twist in classic cocktails, it is also excellent with London Dry gin, red vermouth, liqueurs and aperitifs.