We are a company that works globally in the food sector and as soon as the COVID-19 emergency was declared, we immediately set up a taskforce dedicated to monitoring the situation and reorganising our business activity.

We promptly adopted all the safety measures necessary to protect our collaborators and their families. Straight away, we opted for our office and sales personnel to work remotely from home and this will continue for as long as is necessary. 

We also promptly adopted measures to decrease the number of production personnel and to ensure they can socially distance. They have been kitted out with all the personal protection equipment necessary and all work areas have been fitted with disinfectant gel dispensers and clearly visible notices listing and explaining the personal hygiene measures to follow.

We have enhanced and intensified cleaning and sanitization, which are now carried out several times a day, and these measures too will be adopted for as long as is necessary. Furthermore, any contact with external personnel during loading and unloading operations or other similar operations, is regulated in order to avoid direct contact.

During these unexpected and unpredictable times, our primary concern is guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees, their families and our customers and help the local community.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for demonstrating a great sense of responsibility every day.