To create incomparable cocktails, you need a skillful bartender, premium ingredients and unique recipes!

Galvanina is joining the world of mixology with a very clear vision: the delight of enjoying top-quality drinks responsibly. To help promote this concept, we’ve developed a wonderful new project called “Responsible Cocktails”.

It is a range of cocktails and mocktails prepared using premium ingredients.

Passion, innovation and attention to detail are our key strengths; they make us unique and mean we always stand out in the crowd, wherever we are in the world.

The recipes we’ve concocted aren’t simple reworkings of the best-known cocktails, but exclusive and innovative blends that combine natural ingredients and designed to not only make every cocktail and mocktail taste delicious, but also to guarantee they are enticing and unique.

All combinations begin with our extraordinarily delicious organic soft drinks and every mix is an authentic journey for the senses. A fantastic new way of offering customers unforgettable taste experiences!